Sunday, October 27, 2013

Shop update: Beaded necklaces

New in my shop: beaded necklaces... in bronze or gold, with all kinds of beads and in the colors of your
wish. You can find these necklaces on Etsy or on Facebook.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Shop update: gold

Geometric shapes and golden colored jewelry is the perfect match for me lately. Simple and elegant. These pieces fit with almost every outfit.
I updated my shop on Etsy and on Facebook with these lovely pieces.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Peaches & Peaches Pt. I

I discovered the Peaches & Peaches blog about a year ago. Shortly after I moved back to Belgium, after having lived in Berlin for two years. I immediately liked it: the outfits, the pictures and they were from the same neighbourhood as I was. 

I contacted Lies and Karolien, the two girls behind the blog, and asked them if they wanted to use some of my jewelry for their outfit posts. I was excited to see how they would style jewelry with a girly and romantic touch and how they would integrate these pieces in their "rock chic look". 

The results look great as you can see in the pictures above. Lies is wearing the fly away necklace in the first two pictures and the pink teardrop earrings in the last two. 

I had a short Q&A with Lies:

VB: Tell us something about yourself.
Lies: Hi, I am Lies. 25 years old and besides pretty clothes I am crazy about cats, sushi and sipping wine with friends.

VB: When and why did you start blogging?
Lies: We started blogging in april 2012. Not for a particular reason. We both like to read blogs, so why not start one ourselves.

VB: Is there a fashion trend (previous or current) that you would never follow?
Lies: I fear that bootcut jeans are back in the picture, as a true skinny jeans fan I don´t think you´ll see me wearing a bootcut jeans any time soon.

VB: What are the three favorite items in your closet?
Lies: My black skinny jeans, a jumper I bought three years ago which is not only pretty but also carries a lot of memories and my military green winter coat I bought last year.

VB: You have traveled a lot this Summer. Are there any winter trips coming up?
Lies: There are no trips planned yet for me (boo!), but I might make some time for a little citytrip (Venice, maybe?).

VB: What are your future plans for the blog?
Lies: I hope we can go on like we do now. Maybe post more frequently with more inspirational posts and update my photography skills.

You can visit their blog and have a look at all their amazing outfits here.