Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Peaches & Peaches Pt. II

This Summer I cooperated with Karolien and Lies from Peaches & Peaches. I was curious to know how they would style my jewelry. I really like the way Karolien integrated romantic pieces of jewelry in her edgy style. In the pictures below Karolien is wearing a chunky beaded necklacea pair of collar clips and the gathering birds ring.

Karolien and I had a little talk and this is what she had to say ...

VB: Tell us something about yourself.
Karolien: I´m Karolien, one of the peaches in Peaches & Peaches, and a sucker for customized band tees and cut-off denim shorts. Basically an organized chaos with a love for fashion and working hard on a PhD in psychology.

VB: What do you like about being a fashion blogger?
Karolien: I would not even call myself a fashion blogger, but blogging for me is all about expressing myself and finding a way to channel my creativity. It´s also fun to read tons of interesting stuff and updating my own writing skills.

VB: How would you describe your style and in what sense is it different from the style of Lies?
Karolien: My style is mostly quite edgy with some rock vibes, but on other occasions I find myself dressing candy sweet and cute. Because of this eclectic style, Lies and I look very alike on some days, but can differ as day and night on other days (that is when I am letting my inner rock star out).

VB: What are your must haves for a typical cold and gray belgian winter?
Karolien: A good, warm coat is a necessity when living in Belgium, as well as sturdy (biker) boots. However, what really cannot lack in your wardrobe when wanting to survive the belgian winter is a beanie in every color available.

VB: Do you have recommendations for other bloggers?
Karolien: Just do your own thing!

The outfits of Lies, the other half of Peaches & Peaches, can be found here.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fashion Freaks

Dorien from Fashion Freaks has style, that´s the least we can say when looking at these pictures. Her outfits are playful and well combined and I always think "I would love to have this exact same outfit in my closet".

I got to know Dorien when I asked her if she wanted to style some of my jewelry in her outfit posts. You can see the results here and here. Now, here´s a short Q&A with Dorien so you guys can get to know her a little bit better too.

VB: Tell us something about yourself.
Dorien: I am Dorien Swerts, graduate communication management. I´m currently working to save up for a Master Fashion Management in Milan. My blog is about fashion. I share outfits on my blog, things that inspire me and products I like.

VB: How would you describe your style?
Dorien: My style is very versatile. One day I can wear dresses and pumps, the other day I can wear jeans and boots.

VB: What was your latest fashion purchase?
Dorien: A pair of very cute brown heeled ankle boots from avance (take a look at them here)

VB: Which are your favorite belgian blogs?
VB: FashionataFashionfolioJe suis Sophie and Anouk meets fashion.

Our cooperation continues... Dorien wants to thank her fans with a new give away and I donated one of my necklaces from the Goldies collection to do that. Here you can find out what you have to do to win. Good luck guys!