Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Locket near your heart

    Article 104: Alice Locket   SOLD!
    Article 105: Roman Locket   SOLD!

    Article 106: Heart Locket   SOLD!

    Article 107: Swirl Locket  - SOLD!

Beautiful locket necklaces on The Vintageblues  ♥ ♥

The lockets (articles 105,106,107) have a lovely decorated backside and can be flipped open. The little clock is 2.5cm x 2.5 cm big and really works.
Alice Locket: 2.9 cm x 2.9 cm
The necklace is 60 cm (24 inch) long and made of antique brass coated steel.

Price: 16 euro each


  1. Wow! These are amazing, let me know if you get any more of these. Do you ship to the UK?xx

  2. lovely, lovely, very lovely...i wanna have the same^^