Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Home made lemonade

My balcony is full with fresh herbs, especially the mint and lemon herb grows much faster than I can use it. So I decided to make some lemonade. I´ve never done this before, but guessed it couldn´t be that hard. 
I found a recipe on the internet and this is what I did:

Make a syrup by heating 1/4 of the water (you can use still or bubbly water), 1 cup of sugar, half of the mint and lemon herb and half a lemon (organic) in a small saucepan. Wait untill the water boils. Take the saucepan of the fire and let it cool down.

When it is cooled down, poor the juice through a strainer into a a pitcher and add the juice of the rest of the lemons. You can also use lime if you wish to. Fill your pitcher with the rest of the water.

Add ice cubes and the rest of the mint and lemon herb. You can also let it rest in the fridge for a few hours so the flavours get more intense. Use more lemon or sugar if you want it more sour or sweet.

Serve your lemonade. Hmmmm